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Trace Your Family's Historical Roots




Searching family histories is my passion.

     Be empowered by your family's ancestry and how these roots can inspire you to realize your dreams.  At Thistles and Leaves we trace family roots to help you understand your ancestors' wisdom, strength and resolve; how they have contributed to your life today; and, to propel your descendants to keep moving forward.


My Story

     My interest in genealogy began as a child, I listened in (eavesdropped)  on a few conversations as my elders recounted stories of the past.  

     I later learned that my passion in genealogical research never diminished regardless of the family I searched; that my skills as an Investigator in my professional life, transferred and aided me in my genealogical life...that, and my overwhelming desire to bring resolution to the case.

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What I Will Provide

​Average price for genealogists are $55-75 per hour.  $165.00 package is truly a bargain.

You will receive (digital and hard copy):

  • Narrative of findings

  • chart(s) of findings

  • diagrams

  • any noteworthy life/social events found

  • any photos found

  • any noteworthy records found


What I need from you

     In order to begin your family's search, you must complete family questionnaire and return it to me.  Much of my success depends on your responses on your family questionnaire.  If you discover information after you send in the questionnaire - please do not hesitate to contact me with updated information.​  A few things I ask for on this questionaire:

  • Rumors

  • Family Lore

  • Tales

  • Name variations

  • Nicknames

  • Places lived


     1)  I heard my Great Great Grandpa Joe was scalped by an Indian.

             Reality:  In a jealous rage, GGGrandpa Joe killed his wife, who was Native American; because he feared the                          response of his in-laws, GGGrandpa Joe fled two counties away and after 2 months of guilt, he committed                              suicide by shooting himself in the head. 

     2)  My Great Aunt Lucy was married to a Merchant Seaman.

     3)  They called him Tuck Carter.

*** I will email document to you requesting needed information

What you must know

1)  The end results vary from family to family.  Some states have records readily available, some states do not (like New York, Georgia). This does not mean it is impossible, it may take extra time and/or cost to request documents or records.

2)  Searching through records is extremely time consuming, and in some cases, costly if the records are not public.  Please be patient, 6-9 week turn-around is a modest time-frame.

3)  All history is not noble or pretty; there are also some ugly truths in our family histories that include murders, thieves and adulterers.

4)  The African American Brick Wall.  Most information/names are found on the United States census.  Most Blacks were not recorded until 1870 (this again depends on the area of the country where your ancestor lived and/or their status).   Being of African American descent, I've learned other methods of searching to enhance my results.

5) There may be times that I will need to communicate with you during your family search for additional information or clarification.

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